Friday, October 18, 2002

Welcome to our new blog (weblog)!

Addendum, January 10, 2016

Without much fanfare, the above sentence was the first message posted to the CathApol Blog.  Now in the 14th year, the CathApol Blog began on October 18, 2002.  It began as a place to make more permanent discussions from the #CathApol IRC chatroom.  The problem with chatrooms is, while the discussion is live and challenging - they exist only for the moment and for those who happen to be in the channel at the time.  Rather than expending all that time and energy for 5, 10 or even up to 20 to 30 people at a time, I established the CathApol Blog to archive discussions from #CathApol and other chatrooms on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.  The #CathApol chatroom has since yielded completely to the more permanent blog, but I occasionally still pop into the old networks and stir up some chat.

In the years since the beginning of the CathApol Blog it has also become the place for writers, now called "bloggers," from the American Catholic Truth Society ( or ACTS and email discussion lists hosted by ACTS, to post the "current articles" for the ACTS website.  While the latter is still true, the volume of messages in the ACTS email lists has waned in 2015 so there isn't much from the former.  The CathApol Blog remains as a place which apologetically defends the Catholic Church - and a place of "Keeping Catholics, Catholic."  We stand firm in the Catholic Faith, supporting the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

During 2015 I spent a lot of my time on a BeliefNet forum - and have posted some articles here related to those discussions too.  On October 31, 2015 the BeleifNet forums went into a "read only" status - no more active participation.

So, currently, while I still post articles here, the active discussions are in a bit of a lull, which I have noticed is quite normal.  Discussions have ebbs and flows - so right now there's a bit of an ebb.   I have always been open to the Lord's Will in how busy the forums hosted by ACTS are, and they seem to slow down at times which are opportune to me - allowing me to focus on other (offline) issues.

It must also be noted, while the CathApol Blog began on October 18, 2002 - the ACTS organization began back in 1966We're actually in our FIFTIETH YEAR!  Half a century defending Christ's Holy Church!  ACTS went online for the fist time in 1989, so that puts us in our 27th year on the Internet!

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