Sunday, October 20, 2002

Well, John Betts (of the boycott CAI blog) wrote me back and asks:


I read your revised response, but am puzzled as to what you are asking for. What exactly are you asking I and other "disprove"? There is quite a laundry list of weird claims from Sungenis' articles. Are you asking us to "disprove" that FDR's alleged Jewish heritage did NOT influence him to supposedly allow Pearl Harbor? That the Vatican is NOT in cahoots with the UN & USA to give the Temple Mount to the Jews? That the Holocaust-denying Journal for Historical Review is NOT a discredible rag? Etc.? Have you read his "expose" on Bill Cork, wherein he confirms many of the anti-Semitic and extremist nonsense he first disseminated? Read it for yourself: What is it you wish from us?

Talk about the conspiracy theories. Talk about the FDR/Pearl Harbor controversy - as MANY have done, and even movies have been made (though not specifically pointing to a Jewish heritage for the reason). Talk about FACTS and not about MOTIVES and I have no argument against you. Is there no substance to the theory about FDR's roots? If not, say so - make your points via valid argumentation and stop attacking Robert's person (which is what you're doing when you attack his motives).

Bill Cork refuses to talk about the actual issues and is satisfied to continue attacking motives (Robert personally). I hope you are open to actually discuss the issues - and if they are so silly, show us how they are silly and/or untenable.

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