Friday, October 18, 2002

Well, last night was interesting, we discussed the Robert Sungenis "anti-semite" controversy a bit. Though not all parties agreed on all counts, one concensus was reached (with the exception of The-Ox) - Robert's detractors are not dealing with the substance of Robert's statements. The detractors are largely playing the "emotion card" and challenging Robert's motives, and not what Robert said. The-Ox stepped forward and volunteered to be "the first" to challenge substance. The-Ox wants to know more details about this alleged FDR/Jewish conspiracy theory. Did FDR really allow some distant Jewish roots affect his foreign policy? What verifiable evidence can Robert produce that can show such an influence over the FDR administration - or, is this mere speculation?

We also had a good "round-about" with BeStrong over authority.

More later, still working on figuring out this blog.

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