Saturday, November 02, 2002

Talking About the Ossuary of James

<NERC> so if there is no mention of james in the major parts with Joseph, Mary , and Jesus then how could he just appear as Jesus brother later on?
<NERC> look at how the African-Americans us the word "brother"
<velleity> yes
<velleity> strange too how prots are always greeting one another "greetings brother" etc
<NERC> if we take it as the protestants us it; then there is a lot of inbreeding going on in the African-American ethinic group
<velleity> and they are the ones saying Jesus had biological me
<velleity> untennable
<NERC> so am i to say that every African-American is sibling?
<NERC> scott, NOTE the commints on "brother" above
<BigScott> Brother NERC... that is not something reserved to African Americans
BigScott hums Neil Diamond's "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show...."
<NERC> so if you look at it Jesus' name could be Jehoshua(i.e. Joshua)
<BigScott> NERC, agreed... but like I said, that "bone box" has not been proven to be authenitic
<BigScott> it was removed from where it was found and no one knows exactly what its origin is
<BigScott> hence there is no way to prove it one way or another
<NERC> how can james be the son of zebedee, son of joseph, son of alphaeus
<NERC> in my concordance page 119, #2385(greek dictionary) james son of zebedee 21x, james son of alphaeus 16x, james half-brother of Jesus 1x.
<NERC> were in the Bible does it say word for word "James the half-brother of Jesus"?
<NERC> but until it is proven that the ossuary is either real or fake, we can't add or subtract from it

Conclusion/Summary - There is no proof the ossuary that was found is authentic. There have been allegations the words, "Brother of Jesus" were a later addition to the piece as well. "I'm an expert on ancient scripts and I'm here to report that the "James ossuary" was genuine, but the second part of its inscription is a fraud."

I'd have to agree with NERC, we really can't say anything too negative or positive about it until it has been judged to be authentic or fake - but we can look at the evidence that has been floating around and decide whether or not we're going to give it much credit or not.

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