Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sola Fide?

Is sola fide a true teaching of the Church, or is it an invention of heretics in the 16th century? Does the Bible teach sola fide, or does it flat out deny it? This is one of the pillars of Protestantism - and one of the key pillars at that, but is it truth or fiction?

When we look to what the Apostle James wrote in chapter 2 verse 24, we clearly see that faith alone is flat out denied by Scripture! "You see, a man is justified by works and NOT BY faith alone." Can it get any clearer than that? If one reads this objectively, without the presuppositions of Protestantism getting in the way, then one must totally reject the concept of sola fide on the basis that the ONLY place in Scripture where the two words are used together is in flat out denial of the concept!

Your servant in JMJ,


  1. Sola Fide...Um No!

    Scott, Did you get my G-Mail invite?


  2. Ribbet!

    Hey, I got your invite, but why would I want another email address?



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