Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Now?

With yesteday's announcement/promulgation of Summorum Pontificum, what's next?

We are already seeing some of the liberals (Modernists) coming forth with their objections. On one hand I want to reach out to them and help THEM back into the fold, but on the other hand - I feel like, "let them be exposed for who and what they are and disposed of for the Modernists and innovators they are!"

On the positive side, I want to bring them to a TRUE understanding of ecumenism, not the false notion they have been espousing for the last 40 odd years. A true spirit of ecumenism would not be shunning those who hold the Catholic Faith so high and so reverently, as the Traditional Catholics do. How could they embrace heretical cults and invite them to co-celebrate - yet reject the Traditional Latin Mass (completely in some diocese - like my own) is beyond me! So on this side I want to show them that Traditionalists are not the "Rad-Trad" fringe which condemns everything and anything new - but the REAL Traditionalists who admire that which was good and true and right and are willing to allow for some flexibility in those parts of the Mass which are changeable (and the Canon of the Mass is NOT one of those parts!).

On the negative side, I feel like letting the Modernists - really heretics - expose themselves and be cast out of the Church for their Modernist heresies. They have been a cancer in the Church for far too long - and the way you treat cancer is to remove it and irradicate it from the Body. These Modernists have been confusing the Church and the faithful by clouding the lines between Catholicism and heresy - so much so that many Catholics saw little or no difference in Protestantism - and LEFT the Church! Granted, some left because Protestantism is "easier" - but many left because there was no real distinction anymore! The Modernism of post-concilliarism made Catholicism to look and feel like Protestantism! Just look at modern "Catholic" architecture! Modern parishes look like performance halls and theatre-in-the-round settings, instead of the focus upon the Glory of God and the altar on which His Sacrifice is offered. Tabernacles were "hidden" in other rooms or pushed off to the side - instead of their place of prominence - behind the altar where all Catholics would genuflect in respect of the Lord's Body within the tabernacle! I've often wondered, when visiting our local parish (where the tabernacle is in a room off to the side) when people genuflect on their way in to their pew - "What are they genuflecting to?" A "meal table" deserves not the respect the Body of the Lord gets! I would make it a point, when I genuflect there, I turn toward the "room" which contains the concecrated Body of Christ - for HE is what deserves my respect - not an empty "table."

In short - I hope this NEW REFORM doesn't stop with this motu proprio His Holiness just promulgated.

Long live Pope Benedict XVI!

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