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Christian Patriarchates
(as of March 2009)
Catholic Patriarchates 
64 Apostolic Seat resulting from the Apostles Peter and Paul; current seat: Benedict XVI) 
533: Patriarchate of Aquilée (Removed in 1752) (Resulting from the Apostle Mark) 
607: Patriarchate of Grado (Replaced in 1451 by the Patriarchate of Venice) 
1099: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (current Patriarch: Michel Sabbah) 
1110: Patriarchate Maronite of Antioche and all East (current Patriarch: Nasrallah Sfeir) 
1119: Latin Patriarchate of Antioche (Removed in 1964) 
1204: Latin Patriarchate of Constantinople (Removed in 1964) 
1232: Patriarchate of Aquitaine (current Patriarch: Hubert Barber) 
1341: Latin Patriarch of Alexandria (Removed in 1964) 
1451: Patriarchate of Venice (current Patriarch: Angelo Scola) 
1520: Patriarchate of the Indies Western (current Patriarch: vacant since 1963) 
1551: Patriarchate chaldéen of Babylon (current Patriarch: Emmanuel III Delly) 
1662: catholic Syrian Patriarchate of Antioche (current Patriarch: Ignace Pierre VIII Abdel-Ahad) 
1716: Patriarchate of Lisbon (current Patriarch: Jose da Cruz Policarpo) 
1724: Catholic Patriarchate Melkite of Antioche and all East, of Alexandria and Jerusalem (current Patriarch: Gregoire III Laham) 
1742: Catholic Armenian Patriarchate of Cilicie (current Patriarch: Nersès Bédros XIX Tarmouni) 
1886: Patriarchate of the Eastern Indies (current Patriarch: Filipe Neri António Sebastião C Rosário Ferrão) 
1895: Latin Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria (current Patriarch: Antonios Naguib) 

Armenian Patriarchates 
314: Patriarchate-Catholicossat of all the Armenians (current Patriarch: Karekin II) (resulting from the Apostle Jude) 
638: Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem (current Patriarch: Torkom II Manoogian) 
1446: Armenian Patriarchate of Located (current Patriarch: Aram Ier) 
1461: Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople (current Patriarch: Its Bliss Mesrob II in communion with Karekin II Nersisian) 

Orthodox Patriarchates 
325: Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria (current Patriarch: Pierre VII) (Resulting from the Apostle Mark) 
325: Orthodoxe Patriarchate of Antioch (current Patriarch: Ignace IV) (Resulting from the Apostle Peter) 
381: Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople (current Patriarch: Bartholomé) (Resulting from the Apostle Andrew) 
451: Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (current Patriarch: Theophilus III) (Resulting from the Apostle John the Minor) 
919: Orthodox Patriarchate of all Bulgaria (current Patriarch: Maxim) 
1010: Orthodox Patriarchate of all Georgia (current Patriarch: Ilia II) 
1220: Orthodox Patriarchate of Serbia (current Patriarch: Pavle) 
1589: Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow and all Russies (current Patriarch: Alexis II) 
1925: Orthodox Patriarchate of all Romania (current Patriarch: Theoctist) 

Coptic Patriarchates 
457: Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria (current Patriarch: Shenouda III) 
1959: Coptic Patriarchate of Ethiopia (current Patriarch: Paulos) 
1998: Coptic Patriarchate of Érythrée (current Patriarch: Yacob) 

Syrian Patriarchates 
431: Nestorian Patriarchate of the East (Removed in 1804) (Resulting from the Apostle Thomas) 
544: Syrian Patriarchate of Antioche (current Patriarch: Ignace Zakka Ier Iwas) 
1681: Orthodox Assyrian Patriarchate of the East (current Patriarch: Mar Dinkha IV) 
1969: Assyrian Patriarchate of Baghdad (current Patriarch: Mar Addai II)

(Converted from source: http://www.speedylook.com/List_Christian_patriarchates.html )

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