Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Works and Grace III

Alan, AKA "Rhology" wrote:
> Now, at the risk of inciting your wrath for moving
> to a topic that you yourself addressed in the
> same post as another topic once upon a time, I'd
> like to talk about your reaction to Eph 2.

sw: Well, actually this is more of the topic which I was dealing with in the Works and Grace series on the CathApol Blog. So, no "wrath" from me, as if I had any against you yet to begin with!

Alan continues:
> Notice how, again, "works" appears TWICE in the
> psg. You're proposing that "not as a result of works"
> = works of the OT Law, while "created in Christ
> Jesus for good works" is something totally different?
> Even though they appear one sentence of each other?

sw: Yes, but not absolutely. "Works of the Law" CAN be "good works" if one is in the State of Grace FIRST.

Alan continues:
> On what basis do you conclude that Paul would find
> "works of the Law" to be a bad thing?

sw: I never said "works of the Law" is a bad thing. Please be careful not to put words into my mouth and/or to not create straw man argumentation.

Alan continues:
> Isn't he the guy who calls the Law "holy, righteous, and good"?

sw: Again, I do not call "works of the Law" to be "bad" things. They simply do not justify. "Good works" DO justify, but in order for a "work" to be considered "good" one must already be in the "State of Grace." If you're not aware of that concept, I would be happy to explain it further to you.

Alan continues:
> Don't rush off to your misinterpretation of James, please - stick
> with Eph 2, lest you shotgun off into the tools of Satan again.

sw: James 2 is "on topic" with regard to "works," "faith," and "justification." To ignore what St. James said is to ignore the context of Scripture which God provides His People. Certainly you're not avoiding what St. James said, are you? How have I misrepresented St. James? I "quoted" him! He is the one who says sola fide (faith alone) is dead - not me! He is the ONLY New Testament writer to put the words "faith" and "alone" together and when he does so it is in complete negation of the concept of sola fide! Look at this honestly and then ask yourself "What else did Luther and later Calvin lie to me about?"

Alan continues:
> Focus - on what basis do you switch the two instances of
> "works" to different meanings, one quite good and one quite
> unsavory, in Eph 2?

I did so, above.


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