Friday, April 16, 2010

Trail of Blood Misquote

After a participant on the Catholic Debate Forum (CDF) has recently been flaunting the alleged Cardinal Hosius quote found in the Trail of Blood collection of misinformation, I again sought out to find this elusive quote from Cardinal Hosius and the alleged document the quote came from.  I deliberately avoided the numerous Catholic sites already doing a fine job of debunking this horrifically false document - looking for Baptist sources of the same - and I found a Baptist minister, a Dr. Ben Townsend, who painstakingly went through ALL of Cardinal Hosius' works and found the source attributed to the quote of the Anabaptists being persecuted for the last 1200 years to be:  a) a non-existent document in the works of Cardinal Hosius and b) a critical misquote, changing the meaning of the passage entirely!  Yes, Dr. Townsend eventually DID find the citation in another document which contains the reference - but instead of saying "for the last 1200 years" - accurately translated (by a Latin scholar from Oxford) - it says "1200 years ago!"  Dr. Townsend took the ORIGINAL LATIN and had it professionally translated!  He presents the original Latin on his site too, click here for his research.

So, all the while Baptists have been attributing their ability to trace their history at least the past 1200 year of it (prior to the Council of Trent in 1560's) allegedly taking "Baptist" history all the way back to the 4th century to a Catholic Cardinal - and the one who was the Pope's representative at Trent - and it's a non-existent document referenced and a misquote of the actual document!  

Now I find it ironic - Dr. Ben Townsend EXPOSES the ERROR of ToB - and yet he still maintains "I am a Baptist pastor in Northern Michigan. I pastor the Bible Believers Church, an Historic Baptist congregation in Mesick, twenty-five miles south of Traverse City. For your information, an "Historic Baptist" is a church that believes in the tenents (sic) of Baptists churches down through the centuries from Christ." (Source).  So even though he has helped to debunk the myth - he hangs on to the non-historic claim of the Baptists being able to trace their roots all the way through the centuries to Christ.


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