Monday, July 05, 2010

JRW Responses Page

Some discussions over on BeggarsAll got into discussing James White and my 2001 "debate" with him, live on his Dividing Line show.  I went to my James White Responses page and found my provider had restored that page to a really old copy of it.  Many of the links were bad, and it wasn't real appealing.  I have remedied the links (I hope I got them all!) and dressed up the page a bit.   Let me know if I missed anything and/or what you think of the layout.


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  1. James Swan writes:
    >> sw: White is really in a
    >> no-win situation, which is
    >> why, I believe, he will not
    >> respond to the errors.
    > JS: I've made the mp3 available
    > to listen to as well.

    sw: It is on my site as well.

    > JS: I had no idea who you were
    > when I listened to it live all
    > those years back, but I do
    > recall you didn't do all that
    > well.

    sw: My own personal assessment is that I didn't "win" the live debate, per se, but I did hold my own. I've dealt with White hundreds, if not thousands of times in written media - that was my first "live" debate, and I felt as though I did hold my own, especially when questioned on-topic (some of the callers were way off on other subjects). I was also prepared to do more of a Eucharist discussion of John 6, the Calvinist/Predestination aspects, as he interprets them, I did not prepare for - yet even there, I answered quickly and again, held my own. That is a victory of sorts in and of itself, since I was up against one who had already performed in many live debates by that time. I have no problem saying that White is good in a face-to-face live debate; it's a bit different when his opponent has time to check sources and do a little research to respond to him. I have never "lost" to him in a written debate.

    > JS: If you did in fact prove Dr.
    > White wrong 25 times, then it's
    > time for you to do a live
    > in-person with debate with Dr.
    > White. In fact, if you're free
    > in August, I think Chris Arnzen
    > would love to hear from you.

    sw: 1) I prefer NOT to do live debates. They may prove who is a better debater - but the the truth doesn't necessarily prevail, just because someone is tactful in a live debate.
    2) I don't have much planned for August, except the weekend of the 6th through the 8th, I'll be out of town - but I doubt White would be interested either.

    > JS: Madrid, Staples, Hahn,
    > Keating, etc. don't seem to be
    > in business any more to confront
    > Dr. White in-person.

    sw: I don't know about the rest of them, but Dr. Hahn has never been "in the business" to debate White.



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