Monday, September 27, 2010

Angel Flight

Try to watch this without tearing up...


  1. Well, I couldn't make it through without a tear! Especially when the pilot announced to the control tower, "We've got a hero on board!"

    At least one of my boys, a Marine, almost took that flight home. Every morning, while he was stationed in Iraq, they would muster at promptly 6am outside their tent. For "some reason" (we know what it was) on one morning ALL of them slept in. One of the Marines woke up at 6am and yelled to wake everyone up, "We're LATE!" As all of them were jumping from their bunks, suddenly a mortar landed... just outside their tent - and precisely where they would have all been standing had "Someone" not let them sleep a little longer that morning.

    Even their commanding officer, as he showed up for what would have been their morning inspection said, "Under ordinary circumstances, I would have been angry with you all for sleeping in, but it looks like Someone 'Higher Up' was in command this morning."

    My son didn't share this story while he was "over there" - he didn't want to worry us. Chills ran up my spine when he did share it, and still do each time I recall it - and I offer, yet another prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord and Savior each time I do.

    Thank you Jesus!

    In JMJ,

  2. Praise the Spirit for protecting your son!

    One of the reasons that led to my not reenlisting in the Air Force after I got married--I didn't want to leave my children motherless.

    May God continue to bless your family and keep your sons safe.

  3. This is a nice tribute to those who support those who gave it all.



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