Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Quran Don't Burn It, Learn It!

With the "Burn the Quran Day" being announced by a small-time preacher in Florida - who is getting an inordinate amount of press for such a small congregation - for this Saturday, the 9th commemoration of the 9/11 attack on the U.S.A. by radical/extremist Muslims (and do note, I do not put all Muslims in that category!), I thought this video I found was quite appropriate.  OK, I have to first off admit where I first saw this video, it was on James White's site.  One thing I am not ashamed to do with White (and I can't recall him ever making the same gesture) is when we agree on something, it's alright to acknowledge the agreement.  White has been engaging in some anti-Islamic apologetics, and thus far (and I haven't read or seen all his anti-Islamic works) I have to say I agree with him!  Anyway, the following video would seem to me to make any pro-Islamic apologist cower away and hide.  The acting is a bit corn-ball, but wow, how can a Muslim defend against these facts?  See if you agree:


  1. I had a relative who became Muslim for a time. It was quite interesting to read a version of the Koran and try to reason with her about it. Not only did the Koran not support what she though Islam taught but she did not want to be confused by trying to research it. I believe Islam is an emotional faith, that is that people join it because it makes them feel good to worship the one, true God but not have to actually answer for Christian teachings on sin and repentance. I don't think many Americans know what is contained in the Koran. Even when you do read it, many muslims say it is the fault of the translation. The only true way is to read the Koran in Arabic. I, however, don't believe the inconsistencies of the Koran and subsequent teachings, can be account for merely by the translation.

    Anyway, thanks for the humorous look at this inconsistency in their "book."

  2. Well, that preacher got his 15 minutes of fame and will slip into the sea of insignificance. However, yes, perhaps his "flash in the pan" has provided us with more incentive to know the inconsistencies of Islam and their 'holy' book.


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