Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Eucharistic Miracles

A very good presentation of the Eucharist and Eucharistic miracles...


  1. I halfway expected SOME sort of reaction from our detractors (many of whom do check up on this blog) but perhaps in the face of such compelling evidence they are afraid to broach the topic?


  2. The Catholic Faith has been difficult for me to accept on occasion (initially), but the Eucharist was not difficult for me. It was so obvious from Scripture that I went from Pentecostal to Catholic largely on the strength of my conviction concerning the reality and truth of the Catholic teaching concerning the Eucharist. It is my opinion that this was the work of the Holy Spirit, because when you think about it, why should I have believed it? I was a scientific minded precocious child when I first became convinced of this. It was actually against my nature to believe it yet I was convinced of it despite the pressures around me to doubt it.

    It is interesting to me that each of these miracles occurred for the same reason, some person who SHOULD have believed and probably WANTED to believe doubted this reality. It is difficult for me to take seriously doubts in the Eucharist amongst Christians because of my conviction regarding this, but why should I have such a difficulty? It is really quite incredible to contemplate, and most certainly true.


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