Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Papacy Debate

I have been involved in a debate with a convert to Orthodoxy who goes by the name of "Chris" (also "John" here on this blog) which asks the question, "Is the modern role of the papacy a legitimate development from the Early Church?"  The debate has been on a LONG hiatus, but Chris and I have agreed to pick up where we left off - which is nearly the end of the debate.  Our next round is to be a LIVE interchange on IRC hosted by the #CathApol Channel on Starlink-IRC.  #CathApol will be "moderated" at the time and Chris and I will be the only ones with "voice" - so there will be no other interaction during the first hour of the cross examination phase.  After that first hour, we'll remove moderation and open the channel for a minimum of 30 minutes of Q&A from others.  Beyond that 90 minutes it will be up to the participants if we wish to continue there longer.  Logging will end when one of us leaves the channel.  The logfile will be posted to the main debate webpage:

The best day for us to come together is a Saturday.  Chris is in Australia and I am in the USA (Arizona), so we're about 13 hours apart, if I recall correctly.  If I'm on at say 6am Arizona time, that's 7pm in Australia.  This coming Saturday (11/6) is out, so the next possible will be November 13th.  I will keep you posted.  Chris and I are also working on the format of the live cross examination, which I will also post here prior to the live encounter.

After this live cross-exam phase, all that remains are our Closing Arguments.  I encourage the reader to "catch up" with us by reading through what has previously transpired and be ready with some questions of your own.

Again, when we have established the exact time, I'll be posting that here too, so stay tuned!  If you're not familiar with IRC, you should try connecting to #CathApol prior to the debate too, to avoid difficulties on that day.  For information and even a javascript method of getting in (no client needed!) check out the website for #CathApol here:


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  1. There is a possibility I could to a Friday night, especially the weekend of 11/12. If I were to join at say 8pm Arizona time, that would be 9am on Saturday morning for Chris/John. If that is more acceptable to him, I'm certainly open for it. That makes it rather late for East Coast USA (10pm) to start, but again, the session will be logged for those who cannot be there live. The advantage of being there live is for the Q&A session.

    In JMJ,


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