Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas on December 25th?

I posted an article (reposted, actually) three years ago which sheds light on the origin of December 25th being selected for the Christ Mass.  Some fringe "evangelicals" like to say it was a pagan holiday which Christians adapted to have their own celebration at the same time their previous pagan holiday was, but this simply is not true.  Please look at the article I posted back in 2007:

I believe this is a fair and objective view of how the Christ Mass became to be celebrated on December 25th.

Glory to God in the highest!  Peace on earth to men of goodwill!



  1. I cover this briefly with my 6th graders, including the longest & shortest days of the year; the birth of John the Baptist; the date of Easter; and Lent. All ways in which God acts through his Creation.

  2. I told stuff like this to Joseph Farah of World Net Daily a couple of years ago and he got mad as all get out at me. I could not figure out why back them, but since that time, I've noticed an interesting trend at WND. It is constantly pushing what I believe to be a Judaizing mentality. They push the talks of a Judaizing Prot called Rives who's always harping on the Christmas/Easter is pagan nonsence. They also publish books that promote garbage like I used to believe when I was a member of the Armstrong cult. And finally, I noticed no articles or mention about Christmas, except for a ad, but during Hanuckkah, he had a animated menorah blazing away for eight days. Why no Advent wreath? Most of WND's readers are Christians. Most American Jews would never read something like WND. Yet Farah is pushing stuff that belongs in a Jewish or Seventh Day Adventist publication, Well, we got the truth, let s keep it and enlighten those who believe this foolishness.


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