Monday, December 06, 2010

The Feast of Santa Claus!

Yes!  Today is Santa's day!  Of course he didn't go by the name of "Santa Claus" as many commonly pronounce it today, but rather the Bishop of Myra - Nicholas, who became known as Saint Nicholas, is the true origin of Santa Claus. 

Today the true spirit of Santa Claus lives on in the spirit of giving we experience during the season of the Christ Mass (Christmas).  St. Nicholas is often portrayed in red vestments, and the red bishop's mitre - which is the true origin of Santa's red suit and pointed hat, though Santa's is typically embellished with more white fir.  The giving spirit we participate in at Christ Mass is truly Christian in origin - starting with the True Gift of our God, Lord and Savior that first Christ Mass morning and continuing through the spirit of one of His bishops, St. Nicholas of Myra - today called "Santa Claus."


As you can see, St. Nicholas is portrayed in the traditional bishop's mitre, amophorion or maşnaphto (turban) and even a crown in traditional art.  The pointed "flower" mitre tends to be more "Latin" - but it is not unheard-of in Eastern Rite communities.

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  1. Our Eastern friends may prefer to see St. Nicholas in a turban or a crown, but the mitre is not unheard of in Eastern jurisdictions. Coptic bishops to this day wear a "Latin-like" mitre.


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