Monday, April 25, 2011

We Interrupt this Blog for a Very Important Message

Ever heard of a BUYcott? Me either, until now. When Chick-fil-A decided to contribute the meal for a marriage seminar (marriage meaning a Sacrament/covenant between a man and a woman) in Pennsylvania, a gay rights group decided to boycott the food chain. The group took issue with not only Chick-fil-A's support of this marriage seminar, calling it and them anti-gay, but also with their Christian principles.

Well, now the American Family Association (AFA) and a bunch of other Christian groups and individuals are doing just the opposite. I would like to ask anyone reading this to try to make it a point to support Chick-fil-A this week by going to their restaurants and eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner there at least once this week. That's a buycott. Let's support those who take a stand for Christian principles and morality. God Bless you all.

For more read here on the buycott by the AFA.

I thank the blog owner, Scott, for his indulgence on this matter.

Disclaimer:  While I support the AFA in their campaign for Chick-fil-A and their Christisan principles, I do not necessarily agree with nor endorse AFA or their policies in general, as I do not know them.


  1. No problem endorsing this! I wish there were a Chik-fil-A in my town! I really like their chicken!

    In JMJ,

  2. Thanks!

    There's one right down the street from me. I was so happy when they built the store about five years ago. I was first introduced to Chick-fil-A about 20 years ago while in the military. I've been a fan ever since. I really like seeing a Christian company that actually displays Christian values, which is probably why they're being attacked.



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