Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Are You on the Way of the Cross?

Consider this... if you always put yourself at the foot of the Cross and have that in mind in all you do, you will never sin!

I've begun posting the Stations of the Cross, the first 7 will be posted throughout the evening tonight and the next 7 tomorrow.  As you read through them, consider the meditations of each one.  Examine your own life, at which station do you relate to the most?  Have you tripped and fallen under the weight of your cross?  Is someone helping you carry your cross?  Are you a by-stander just watching others carry their crosses?  Meditate on where you are on the Via de la Cruz.  What would it take to move on to the next station?  

Feel free to add you comments to the stations which mean the most to you on your journey.


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