Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father Corapi Black Sheep Dog

EWTN Raymond Arroyo interviews National Catholic Register reporter, Joan Frawley Desmond regarding the Fr. Corapi scandal.

One point clarified is that, as Fr. Corapi stated himself, "Once a priest, always a priest."  Fr. Corapi is STILL A PRIEST!  He has NOT left the priesthood!  What he HAS left is serving as a PUBLIC priest.  It is a very complex legal and spiritual web which has been weaved here - and we must be careful not to be caught up in it with improper information and especially with improper motives.

Anyway, here is the video from EWTN...

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  1. You might want to check out the's Vortex video on this controversy, too. "Corapi and the Blogs." It is not about whether or not Corapi is innocent. It is about how his critics have responded.

  2. One might view me as somewhat of a "critic" of Fr. Corapi, but I hope my criticism is taken as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. It is MY plea that Fr. Corapi submit himself to due authority - whatever the cost to him personally. Being a priest, even a public priest, is not about what "I" can do or what "I" have done, but about what GOD can do. God can and does work miracles - but I don't think He does so for the proud.

    At the VERY LEAST - I would ask Fr. Corapi to stop presenting videos about HIMSELF and just continue to preach the Gospel, even if he feels he must do so as "The Black Sheep Dog."

    In JMJ,

  3. Fr.Corapi is being hounded just like ~Fr John O'connor who was excommunicated from his Catholic Church. Why because both of these men were telling the truth about what is happening in our church at this end times and trying to prepare the all catholics for the coming demonic events within the church and the world these two priests are the John the Baptists of our time. Fr. John O'Connor's tape brought me to my senses about the coming events within the Church  listening to it ten years later everything that Fr. John had warned us about had  come true. Fr. Corapi is doing the same and being an already damaged person how can he cope? But rest assured Fr. Corapi  I  have used your words and themes in my lectures to remove the veil from our luke warm catholics of today. My prayers are with you as you are  under terrible attack from" you know who"
    I pray that you have the strength to come through this and your Blessed Mother is with you.

  4. The Catholic Churh heirarchy has committed a gross misjustice against Father Corapi. I believe his departure will be a curse for the church for years to come.  There is absolutely no one on the air who even comes close to his ability to evangualize for the church.


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