Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Black Sheep Dog

After just about exactly 20 years as a well respected Catholic priest and frequent speaker/host on Catholic radio and TV, Fr. Corapi is withdrawing from the public ministry as a priest.  He said he will continue as a "Black Sheep Dog" - but not as a priest.  He claims the allegations against him are false andalso claims the system of clearing one's name is nearly insurmountable.  According to NCR (see link below) the allegations were made by a former employee of Santa Cruz Media - as she left she signed a contract not to speak of anything which happened at Santa Cruz Media and it is alleged Fr. Corapi paid her, he is now suing her for breach of contract - and this suit has complicated the investigation.

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In my humble opinion...  something just doesn't sound right here.  I am one who will take a "wait and see" attitude.  I would have hoped though, if Fr. Corapi is innocent of these charges, that he would do whatever it takes, persevere through whatever trials face him - and clear his name.  To just leave casts some doubt, in my mind at least - but I know not the details and I am not his judge.


Fr. Corapi's Own Words:


  1. I understood that he was suing her for defammation. He pursued the lawsuit on advice from men he trusts. According to what he said on his blog, he was trying to treat his accuser with charity. If you read the comments to his blogs, many are already judging him as unchristian and uncharitable for the things he has said in his own defense and his lawsuit.

    I agee that there is more to the story than meets the eye, but I think we should 'wait and see'. He HAS submitted himself to the censure of his superiors but believes that the suspension is indefinite. It seems to me that he does want to carry on some type of work for the Church and to make a living.

    I think I'm reading what is going down from a slightly different perpective than you are. Maybe I am a little too optimistic but I say innocent until proven guilty. I have been falsly accused before, I know what it feels like. It is very difficult to prove a negative (that you didn't do something--what you're accused of).


  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's guilty of whatever the charges may be. My point is, he's a priest - and even as he said, they haven't taken that from him.

    My biggest concern is in hearing him speak it's all "me, I, me, me, me," and that is bothersome.

    IF "The Black Sheepdog" comes out with good LESSONS and stops talking about HIMSELF - that may alleviate my concerns a bit.

    In JMJ,


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