Friday, July 01, 2011

Changing Face of Fr. Corapi

There has been a lot of scuttle about Fr. Corapi in recent months, especially the last couple weeks, but some have been noticing something about his appearance changing throughout the years.  Take a look yourself and see what you think...

I got this from: and you'll notice the date, this was back in October of 2010 that it was posted - months before the scandal broke recently.  That same sight makes another comparison - between Fr. Corapi and Anton LaVey (Satanist):

All I can say is... Wow.

Addendum July 9, 2011:
Or... maybe scarier yet...

James R. White of

Sorry, couldn't resist!  ;-)


  1. I guess I can say more than "wow" as I do not believe Fr. Corapi to be a Satanist - but the similarity is scary! I wonder if Fr. Corapi is aware of how much his appearance is resembling that of LaVey?

    May God lead Fr. Corapi to do His Will.

    In JMJ,

  2. I do not understand why so many people are making such a big fuss about Corapi's appearance changing over the years. If he grew horns and a tail and developed cloven hooves, there might be reason for concern! But since he made his announcement last month, some people in the Catholic blogosphere have literally gone out of their way to demonize him. I have no strong opinions for or against the man, I didn't even know he existed until last month. But it dismays me that people are getting so petty as to get upset abot him dying his hair. Is it any wonder why so many priests are so nervous these days about their fellow Catholic's?

  3. scotju, I agree with you - but note again, the article I quoted from was from October of 2010 - LONG before this recent bit of stuff hit the news. I was shown this before Fr. Corapi's big announcement too and my first thought was "something is going on in his life." He's made a huge appearance change - including dying his beard, which confuses me the most. Grey in a man's beard is symbolic of wisdom and all-black is the opposite. Clearly he did this to himself, but I just wonder why. I mean, for the average Joe, who cares - but a priest - why does he need to look younger?

    The comparison to LaVey is not a serious one - but one cannot deny the similarity.

  4. Scott, I, too saw this picture awhile ago and felt a shiver go down my spine. As thoughts, and not very good, run through my mind my Catholicism nudge me to remember not to judge. I reminded myself "Never judge a book by its cover" , so I put it to rest..until…now. When a much grown adult changes his appearance somewhat drastically then I believe there is something wrong. Teenager's and young adults constantly are changing their looks not a 64 yr old priest. Hopefully Corapi is NOT a santanist…time will only tell. I just hope and pray he does not come out and start preaching against the catholic church. I worry about that. Hopefully the lay people will stand up for the church. I know I will without a hesitation.

  5. Greetings Boston,
    I share much the same sentiments as you on this. I don't want to judge him based upon his appearance. One notable difference though, in the first three shots he's wearing priestly garb - in the forth it looks more secular. Now I realize that many modern priests do not wear the "Roman collar" outside of Mass (some not even there), which to me is a sad statement of their convictions as priests (but that's another whole article), but Fr. Corapi always presented himself as a priest. Keep in mind, the photo of "one month ago" puts it dated to September of 2010 - MONTHS before this recent scandal broke.

    I added another photo today... and another which I hope is not Fr. Corapi's direction!

    BTW- I visited your blog/profile, and I offer you my prayers too that God guides you through any turmoil and keeps you in His Will.

    In JMJ,

  6. Scot, even though I still don't have any strong opinions for or against Fr Corapi, I do believe he has acted in an inappropiate manner in the way he has handled his problems. However, the way SOLT has handled this doesn't impress me ether. They had to know many years ago about the independant lifestyle that Corapi had. So, apart from the recent accusations about renewed sex and drug abuse, why didn't they take action years ago? I think there's some big problems with the SOLT hierarchy as well. Apostolic visitation anyone?
    That new picture you added is a hoot! May I suggest Lex Luthor as yor next pin-up boy!? ROTFL!

  7. Hi scotju,
    I can't speak for SOLT, I don't know that much about it. I did like listening to Fr. Corapi on EWTN - but his appearance did startle me - and like I said, I was made aware of these "changing faces" before Fr. Corapi broke the news of his departure from public ministry as a priest.

    I am willing to wait and see how he presents his preaching - he needs to stop talking about himself.

    As for your suggestion of the next "pin-up boy" - only if Fr. Corapi shaves the goatee! ;-)

  8. Scot, several years ago, Lex Luthor had a goatee and mustache! Go ahead and put Lex up! ROTFL!


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