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Barry Hofstetter wrote on his blog: 
Cessationism in one sentence...Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:12:11 PM
"The purpose of miracles in general in the Bible is to reveal God's power in terms of the progress of redemptive history. Word revelation and deed revelation are intimately related. With the completion of Christ's work through the ascension there is no more need for continuing revelation, and hence no more need for the kind of revelatory miracles found in the Bible."
Now, since I wrote that, it actually has to be three sentences. Christ's works in establishing the church continues through the giving of the Spirit and the inscripturation of the apostolic deposit into what we know as the NT. Christ continued to work miracles through his apostles, but now that the foundation is established (Eph 2:20-21), these types of miracles have inded (sic) ceased.
Have miracles of God truly ceased?  Speaking as one who has witnessed miracles of God in my own family, I say such a statement is nonsense!  I'll witness to TWO of the miracles in our family, there have been more:

Miracle #1:  Son had spinal meningitis when he was just a few months old.  We were out of town when he got sick, about 2 hours from home.  We rushed home, called the doctor, but it was a weekend.  Before he called back we took him straight to the emergency room - where they told us if we had waited even another hour, our son would not be alive.  Well, he was "alive" but that was the good news.  The bad news was that the meningitis was so progressed that IF he survived the treatments, the disease would likely leave him blind or deaf or severely mentally retarded.  On top of that, since he was SO sick the amount of antibiotics they needed to attack the disease with would likely attack "healthy" cells too, which could leave him blind, deaf or severely mentally retarded!  The "cure" was potentially as bad as the disease!  

Well, we prayed and prayed.  We petitioned all our friends and family to pray.  We received word from a friend of one of our family members, "Your son will be just fine."  Watching the doctors take a hand drill like a woodworker would have in his toolbox and drilling through my son's skull to relieve the pressure building up on his brain, made such assurances hard to accept - but we did accept it, and continued to pray and claim our son's healing.  

Our son recovered from the disease and not only with perfect vision and hearing - but NO mental retardation whatsoever!  Praise the Lord!  And all praise does go to Him, for medical science gave us only a grim outlook but God gave us our son back!  He's healthy as can be, a math wiz and is currently serving our country in the U.S. Navy.

Miracle #2:  Our daughter stopped breathing when she was just 17 days old.  My wife walked in and found her in the cradle lifeless and turning blue.  She immediately went into autopilot and recalled the CPR she had learned years previously as a Girl Scout.  Somehow while performing CPR, she dialed 911 and got help on the way.  At the hospital they found an abnormality in the white matter of her brain.  The doctor diagnosed her with Leuko Dystraphy, a degenerative brain disorder for which there is no cure.  We got the prayer chains going again!  Two weeks later an MRI scan of her brain showed NO abnormalities AT ALL!  She had been "cured" of something for which there is NO cure!  

There are SO MANY MORE miracles I could share, and even more details related to the above miracles, but I'll save some for another time.  The point is, you'll NEVER get me to say the miracles of God have gone into cessation!


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  1. I can't tell what flavor of cessationism Hofstetter ascribes to, but the Wiki article I just read suggests that some cessationists accept the sort of miracles you described.

    I think he excludes a particular type of miracle: "revelatory miracles." Nowadays nobody's pressing rags or aprons against someone else and taking the rag home to heal someone.


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