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We've seen plenty non-Catholics and especially anti-Catholics attacking the title given to Our Lady of "Coredemptrix."  Here are just a few examples: (James McCarthy's article reprinted)

(Errant/misguided zeal of {old school} James White)

White writes a whole book on this topic:  Mary-Another Redeemer?

So, on to my reply...

Is Mary "Another Redeemer?"
The short answer is NO!  That is also NOT what the title states!  The prefix "co-" does NOT mean "another" - it means "with."  Mary works WITH Jesus Christ who is THE Redeemer of the world (a concept that White would reject as his brand of Calvinism posits that Jesus only redeemed The Elect, and not the world).  Mary does not replace Jesus Christ, nor is she considered to be equal to Him (though White posits that is the goal of Catholicism in the above video).  McCarthy emphatically states, "There is One Redeemer, Not Two" in his article (linked above) and Catholicism AGREES with him!  This whole concept of "Another Redeemer" is nothing more than a Straw Man (invalid) argument put forth by those who are either ignorant of or acrimonious to Catholic teaching on this matter.  

You're a Co-Redeemer Too!  Well, You Should Be!
I would go so far as to state that we're ALL called to be co-redeemers with Christ!  Whatever work we do to help bring others to Christ is a co-redemptive work.  What we do, or the Blessed Virgin has done, to assist in building up the Kingdom of Heaven does not make any of us equals to the saving/redemptive work of Jesus Christ - and by the same token does not lessen the reality that we may have contributed to this building up.  Are we not to go out and do as He did?  

Not much more really needs to be said here - but if you are reading this and have more questions - feel free to leave a comment and you will receive a direct answer.


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