Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christ Mass!

Wishing You A
Merry and Blessed
Christ Mass!

Today begins in darkness, and the Savior of the world who was incarnate nine months ago, in the darkness of this morning is born.  Out of the darkness comes the Light of the World.  Today we celebrate the Mass of Christ - Christmas.  We are reminded that His entry as a Babe in the manger was so that He would exit in darkness also.  Darkness came early that Good Friday afternoon as our Lord and Savior hung upon the Cross.  Note the symbolism in the Eastern icon (left) to Golgatha ... yet this is an icon to the Nativity.  As darkness fell, He was laid in a cave.  However, again the darkness was overcome by the Light.  On the Third Day He rose from the dead - victorious over sin and death!  He freely gives that victory to anyone who will believe in Him and upon His Name.  Believing in Him is more than mere lip-service too.  Believing in Him means you DO what He commands and you live according to His Word - but most importantly, that you persevere to the Last Day.

Advent has ended, Christmas has begun! 
Now is the time the Christmas celebration SHOULD BEGIN!  Christmas does not end on December 25th, it STARTS!  The Christmas Season lasts at least through Epiphany, which is January 6th - and in some traditions it lasts through Candlemas, which is the celebration of the Mass of the Presentation at the Temple.  Candlemas is celebrated on February 2nd.  So don't put away that Christmas music!  Leave the decorations up!
Christmas has just begun!

So remember Him and His Sacrifice as you go to Mass this Christmas Season - and continue the Christmas Season for the "Twelve Days of Christmas" (to Epiphany) or even all the way to Candlemas!  If someone asks you why you're still listening to Christmas music or have your lights up - you can tell them why!  It's STILL Christmas!

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  1. I am a little surprised that none of the readers here called me out on a slight theological faux pas in this article! I fixed it already, and maybe many just either passed over it or have been too busy with the Holy Day to get back into blogging yet (I know I am, as I am still out of town, and won't be home until later today). The faux pas was in the first sentence, as I originally worded it, it stated Jesus was incarnate in the darkness of Christmas morning - however, that would be the position of a pro-choicer! Jesus was incarnate NINE MONTHS EARLIER! (Which, BTW, is why we celebrate Christmas on December 25th - for it was once thought that a person died on the anniversary of their conception - going back 9 months, that's March 25th - Good Friday/Easter weekend! Celebrating Christmas on December 25th has nothing to do with pagan celebrations of that time of year). Anyway, I fixed it - he was conceived nine months earlier and was born into this world in the darkness of what we celebrate now as the morning of the Christ Mass, Christmas morning.

    In JMJ,


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