Monday, January 02, 2012

Days of Christmas

First off - MERRY CHRISTMAS!  (Reminding the readers that it is STILL the Christmas season - which lasts minimally till Epiphany (Jan. 6th) and in some traditions until Candlemas (Feb. 2nd).

While on the plane back to AZ I was pondering whether or not there was any given day of the week that Christmas could not fall on...  counting on my fingers, I seemed to be coming up with a pattern which eliminated Mondays and Saturdays due to leap years - but that made absolutely no sense!  Leap year is every 4 years and there are 7 days, so there should be no such pattern which would skip any given day.  While my finger counting was off (I blame this on thinking that as we're approaching February 29th that 2011 was the "leap" because I was still IN 2011 at the time) my logic was not!

In the first years of the new millennium Christmas fell on the following days:
2000 - Monday
2001 - Tuesday
2002 - Wednesday
2003 - Thursday
2004 - Saturday
2005 - Sunday
2006 - Monday
2007 - Tuesday
2008 - Thursday
2009 - Friday
2010 - Saturday
2011 - Sunday

And will fall on:
2012 - Tuesday
2013 - Wednesday
2014 - Thursday
2015 - Friday
2016 - Sunday
2017 - Monday
2018 - Tuesday
2019 - Wednesday
2020 - Friday
2021 - Saturday

Christmas can fall on any day...

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