Friday, March 23, 2012

Ex Cathedra Debate

I have begun a debate with a non-denominational Christian by the name of David Rosenthal.  The question asked for this debate is "Are Ex Cathedra Statements from Popes Inconsistent with Scripture?"  Of course I have taken the negative and Mr. Rosenthal has taken the positive.  

As of this posting we're about half-way through the debate.  Stay tuned!

The webpage for the debate is here:


  1. I'm glad you're putting it on a separate page.  It has gotten too confusing to try to follow this debate on CDF.  I know that I asked for a subject if wanted to do a formal debate.  I am surprised and pleased that you were able to nail DR down and get him to actually participate in a real debate--instead of the snide one-liners on CDF.  I'm disappointed in the fact that he seems to have trouble staying on point--but I'm not surprised at all.  God Bless.  Good luck!

  2. The "official" portion of the debate has just concluded.  I need to reformat my posting to the Internet page of my closing arguments, at least in Chrome they are a bit messy.  Strange that Rosenthal's came out OK.  Anyway, I won't be changing any words, just format.

  3. I made the following comment on Catholic Debate forum:
    Well done. You are right, he went back to the same, tired argument on interpretation for his closing round. The "the statements are true" therefore "my argument is true" (paraphrase) is a pretty weak argument. You have beenclear, concise and on point in every part of the debate. The two ex-Cathedra statements brought up in this debate have not been proven in the least to contradict Scripture--which was the point of the debate. There is no question on who "won" this debate. Rosenthal did not prove his case. Period.PS. I am over my head in work right now, otherwise I would get involved point by point--I would especially jump in about the Augustine quote used erroneously by Mr. Rosenthal. I cannot at this time but will try to do so in the future--perhaps on Cathapol. ;-)

    In addition to those comments I'd like to say that Mr. Rosenthal did behave himself well during the debate.  Now, he's off in never-never land again with his whole "Jesus was not God when in human form nonsense."  That particular heresy was proven wrong centuries ago.  I have a hard time believing someone can all themselves Christian if they do not believe in Christ's two natures--not two different natures at two different times.  He was God and Man--not only is that Scriptural but it is Christian.  I'd like to see Mr. Rosenthal attempt to convince us of this particular heresy in another formal debate.

  4. Sorry "nonsense" was not part of the quote.  Mr. Rosenthal claims that "Jesus was not God when in human form".

  5. The debate is complete.  Mr. Rosenberg, in post debate discussion on CDF, has essentially conceded the debate - though before he would elaborate on his changed point of view, he distracted the discussion off on to other topics and when an attempt was made to keep him ON TOPIC - rather than adhere to group rules about staying on topic, he quit the forum.  So, you have the debate posted to the website.  I am confident that I proved my case - that the ex cathedra statements brought up in the debate are NOT contradictory to Scripture.  


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