Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Vote For Evil?

Catholic voters cannot support any candidate whose position is intrinsically evil.  Baltimore's Archbishop Lori preached recently.  Anyone who supports abortion is supporting murder, an intrinsic evil and no Catholic can, in good conscience or in good faith, vote for such a candidate.  Likewise, a candidate who does not uphold THE definition of marriage as being the union of a man and a woman and supports homosexual "marriage" - with homosexuality being an intrinsic evil and an abomination to the Lord - cannot be supported in good conscience or faith.  This really narrows the field for you!

Vote your conscience - vote your faith!  What good is your faith if you don't LIVE it and EXPRESS it?  Such would be known as a faith without works.  You can express yourself as a Catholic all you want, but when it comes to actually LIVING your faith, do you?  When you enter the privacy of that voting booth, do you pull the lever or fill in the blank for the candidate who supports the killing of innocent children in the womb?  Will you vote for the candidate who supports marriage or the one who supports the dissolution of the first Sacrament God instituted which is specifically for a man and a woman?  If you are not LIVING your faith, then you do not have a LIVING faith!  

James 2:14 What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him?

The simple answer to St. James' question is NO!  That faith cannot and will not save him.  If you exercise your freedom to vote in such a manner that you're voting for someone who supports values contrary to your faith - that would be even worse than the "dead faith" St. James speaks of, for YOUR works actually become EVIL WORKS when you stand in support of a candidate who supports such intrinsic evils.

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  1. And just this morning, Governor Romney announced that Paul Ryan, a pro-life Catholic, will be his running mate!  Here's an interesting article continuing the thoughts of mine above... 


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