Friday, October 12, 2012

The Cross Is The Center of the Catholic Faith

A person whom I have debated in IRC before who goes by the nickname of "Col_2_6" or more recently "Jn_20_31" wrote the following article.  His name is Michael Petillo, and I will respond to this article and see where it leads...
Are There True Believers in the Church of Rome?
I believe there are true Christians in Roman Catholicism.  I believe they have the true grace of God that St. Paul spoke of in his writings.  They repent and believe the gospel on a regular basis.  I believe the same is true for the Greek Orthodox Christians. 
These are nice sentiments... but...
I think these people are saved in spite of their Church's teachings and because of the biblical gospel.  No one was ever saved apart from the biblical gospel.  All of us have the personal responsibility to repent of our sins and embrace the gospel of forgiveness.  However, the Cross is where Jesus died for our sinful selves.   He took complete and full responsibility for our sins at the Cross. 
And Michael, Catholicism does not deny this.
The Cross is the center of the Christian faith.  It is where all hope lies and we must trust Jesus who died there.  There is no hope apart from the Cross.  The centrality of the Cross is key to living an honorable Christian life.  We must repent through the Cross of Christ alone. 
The fact you seem to be lacking is that the Eucharist, which is central to the One, True Faith, is all about the Cross of Christ.  The Eucharist IS that Sacrifice.
We are to add nothing to it.  The Cross is all-sufficient in how we are right with God.  
Jesus gave us the Eucharist.  Jesus proclaimed the Eucharist IS his body and blood.  That which is offered on Catholic altars is that SAME Sacrifice, in unbloody manner.
Next, Mr. Petillo uses a common tactic of those who have weak apologetics - he changes the subject.
However, Rome says that Mary suffered redemptively at the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I think it is biblical to say she indeed suffered but to say she suffered redemptively is a far cry from the biblical picture of Christ suffering at the Cross.  I think the moment we add something to the Cross we make it a false religion.  Amen
Redemptive suffering is that which virtually all saints go through.  Such suffering brings one closer to Christ - in the Blessed Virgin's case, it is precisely her suffering at the Cross which points each of us to the Cross.  To have her understanding and compassion for what our Lord endured far surpasses anything we could even imagine.  So, even while Mr. Petillo attempts to distract the discussion of the Cross to the Blessed Virgin, in reality - she too still points us to His Cross.


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