Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Feast of the Circumcison of Our Lord

Greetings and Merry Christmas on this, the Ninth Day of Christmas!  I am out of town and today is the first day I've booted my computer up since last year (OK, last year was just 2 days ago!) and I missed posting on the Circumcision of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Since 1969, for some reason which I cannot fathom, January 1st has been celebrated as the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.  I am not one to detract from celebrating the Mother of God, but according to Jewish tradition circumcision takes place on the eighth day after the birth of the male child.  Yesterday, being the Eighth Day of Christmas, has been (and remains in the Extraordinary/Latin Rite and in Eastern Tradition) the celebration of the Solemnity of the Circumcision of our Lord.  The Gospel reading for January 1st (as CathMom5 posted yesterday) still includes the circumcision.  So while the Church has recently (relatively speaking) changed this feast day, let us also take a moment to reflect upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was submitted to the Law in order that all things might be fulfilled - and was circumcised on the eighth day after His Nativity.

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  1. I don't think it has been forgotten altogether.  Our priest did talk about the circumcision in his homily, emphasizing its role in the seriousness of the responsibility of the Holy Family.  St. Mary "kept all these things in her heart."  It was Our Lord's earthly parents who obeyed the Law and made sure it was followed.  Our Lord submitted to it the moment He decided to become Incarnate (an imperfect statement of what Our Lord Jesus, God the Son did).  I agree it should still be celebrated but I do think it is wrapped up together with what St. Mary, the mother of our God did. 

  2. Well, I agree to a point - and my only disagreement, if you can call it that, would be in your final comment.  My point is that the day/date has long been the celebration of the Circumcision of Our Lord - on the Eighth Day of Christmas, which would conicide with the Jewish Tradition of circumcision - which is eight days after the birth of the male child according to the Law.  My "concern" (again, if you can call it that) is why change a day given to our Lord and make it a celebration of Mary?  Like I said, I have no problems with celebrating feasts of Mary- but my preference on THIS feast is to recognize the ancient Tradition of the Church.

  3. I am not in disagreement with you on that.  I meant, but did not say well, it that at our parish the celebration of the Circumcision and the St. Mary the Mother of God was celebrated together.  I did not mean to state that that was true of the Church as a whole.  I agree that this feast should be celebrated in the Tradition of the Church.  As a convert, I am still learning about some of the traditions and Traditions.  I did not realize this date had been changed.

  4. CM5, I agree that we're not in disagreement with each other.  Perhaps I did not say well what I intended either. I did say, "if you can call it that" relating to any possible "disagreement."  Here in Florida I am with my sister-in-law and her husband, and we attended the Novus Ordo Missae (New Order of the Mass) and our readings were the same as yours - which is primarily how I knew the circumcision is still part of the Gospel reading for the day.  
    I just raised the point that we traditionally celebrated the Feast of the Circumcision of our Lord and our Eastern brothers and sisters still do.  I believe we should go back to that.  

  5. I have just added another article/link to the main article here.  Fr. Gunow, of Fr. Barron's "Word on Fire Ministries" wrote an article in response to a blogger expressing similar concern as I have.  I recommend Fr. Gunow's article, it is a good read!


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