Wednesday, March 13, 2013

God Bless Pope Francis!

A papacy of firsts: The first non-European in about 1600 years, the first South American, the first Jesuit, and now the first to take the name Francis.  The former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio is now Pope Francis.  May the Holy Spirit guide him and protect him!

Photo credit: News12 | Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who will lead the world's Catholics as Pope Francis, appears to the crowd in St. Peter's Square. (March 13, 2013)


  1. It struck me when you said "first non-european pope in 1600 years..." and then it dawned on me! Um, St. Peter, our first pope, was born in Israel! According to a Washington Post article, Pope Francis is the 11th non-european pope.

    1) Saint Peter: Bethsaida, modern-day Israel(33 – 64 A.D.)
    2) Pope Saint Evaristus: Bethlehem, modern-day West Bank (97 – 105)
    3) Pope Saint Anicetus: Emesa (today known as Homs), Syria (155 – 166)
    4) Pope Saint Victor I: Leptis Magna, modern-day Libya (189 – 199)
    5) Pope Saint Miltiades: Somewhere in North Africa (311 – 314)
    6) Pope Theodore I: Jerusalem, modern-day Israel and West Bank (642 – 649)
    7) Pope John V: Antioch, then Syria but today part of Turkey (685 – 686)
    8) Pope Sisinnius: Syria (708)
    9) Pope Constantine: Syria (708 – 715)
    10) Pope Gregory III: Syria (731 – 741)

    And now number 11! Pope Francis I: Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013 – ?)

  2. I had only heard the number 1600 years, but according to your list it is more like 1300. I was off by three centuries. But, yeah, there were popes in the early church that were not from or born in Europe. Thanks for the list.

  3. Oh, I like the number 11--two 1's. LOL.


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