Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Bible - On History Channel

The Bible, on The History Channel premiered tonight.  I thought it was done fairly well.  It held to Scripture fairly closely - and considering it covered creation through Joshua all within the two hour premiere, it was, all in all, a nice presentation.
Moses on Mt. Sinai - In The History Channel - The Bible
I especially liked the story of Abram to Abraham and the Covenant God made with him, though a couple things were lacking even there.  1) They did not portray how Abram was renamed Abraham - they just call him "Abraham" the whole time.  2) The portrayal of the offering of Isaac was nicely done - except - that they did not reference that it was through this act of faith that Abraham was justified.  That would have been a nice touch.

Again, all in all, it is a good presentation of the stories and I would definitely recommend this for your Lenten viewing!  I look forward to some of the scenes from the New Testament which I do not recall any of the other scriptural movies or mini-series covering.  

Did you watch the premiere?  I'd be very interested in your comments! 

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  1. It was okay. They did seem to take some liberties--like using "Abraham" but also things like Abraham finding a lamb instead of a ram with its horns caught. There were other things, but I won't get into them. But it is better than a lot of dramatizations in the past. I especially liked the "Catholics Come Home" commercials! Those were the best part.

  2. I enjoyed it as well. The only truly disappointing part was the fact that they omitted to mention the reason the strangers were in danger in Sodom. Why did those Sodomites seek the strangers out?

    I loved the Catholic Come Home commercial as well.

  3. The showed it on the Lifetime Network tonight. They must be owned by the same company as the History Channel. So, next week if you miss it on Sunday, check Lifetime on Monday. FYI.

  4. If you missed it yesterday "Beginnings" airs again on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday! Set your DVR! Click on the link in the article then click on "showings" for times.

  5. I did not see "showings" on the web page when I went back to it, but here's a link that will take you right to the listings:

    Set your DVR!



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