Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gosnell Murder Trial and Time Magazine

In the flurry of articles (like our previous CathApol article) hitting the scenes, Time Magazine online in their "Heatlth and Family" section published an article yesterday attempting to answer to the charge that the press isn't covering this case, and while the article starts out by recognizing the heinousness of "Dr." Gosnell's offenses, but after the first paragraph another article is inserted, "Why the Pa. Abortion Doc's Case Is About Poverty, Not Roe v. Wade" which closes with:
 It’s likely that he was the cheapest abortion provider around in a community that’s not accustomed to the highest health-care standards anyway.
As if that is supposed to justify the fact that "Dr." Gosnell was committing late-term abortions (beyond 24 weeks) and since the procedure would be rather difficult, he would induce labor then the child is born, ALIVE, and (in his terms) to "ensure fetal demise" he would stab into the baby's neck with a pair of scissors and cut the spinal cord.  Some report are that the babies are literally screaming in agony while he is doing this.

This is NOT about Roe v. Wade, it's about MURDER.  It is also about a "doctor" running  a "clinic" in unhealthy, unsanitary conditions and with a staff which. while administering "medicines" and other duties which normally would have been provided by a Registered Nurse, NONE of them were licensed to practice medicine.  The staff is facing charges as well.

Also in this article it includes a brief summary of the Report of the Grand Jury (which formally charged Gosnell on January 20, 2013) with these points:

  • Fetuses, fetal remains and dismembered baby parts — especially, for some reason, baby feet — in bags, jars, milk jugs and cat-food containers kept around the clinic, in the freezer and in the basement; some containers were stored in the same refrigerator where clinic staff kept their lunches
  • Instruments that were not properly sterilized or discarded, which allegedly spread venereal disease to several patients
  • Cats roaming and excreting freely in the filthy clinic

Why was Gosnell "saving" these things, and especially "baby feet" - were these some sort of "trophies" for him?

It seems not always did Gosnell (I think I'll stop using "Dr." in his title) induce labor to remove the child from the mother as there are charges of "failure to remove all the fetal parts from a uterus, his puncturing a uterus, tearing a cervix and colon, and refusing to call in assistance from another hospital when a patient convulsed and fell on the floor."

Time's reporter, Belinda Luscombe, continues to describe "At least one woman, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, died in Gosnell’s care, after his untrained staff administered an overdose of Demerol" and then in the next paragraph goes back to saying this case has "much more to do with poverty than Roe v. Wade" and then provides another link on "The Complicated Link Between Abortion and Mental Health".

In short, it seems to this writer that Time Magazine is attempting to do some "damage control" because of their lack of coverage.  Yes, the report defends that several outlets reported this back in 2011 - ONCE - but then we look at the sensationalism of the Jody Arias trial we have to ask WHY?  Some outlets are beginning to give a bit more coverage, but not nearly in the proportion the Arias Trial is getting.

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  1. I was disappointed in Fox News, also. While they did mention the Gosnell case in a 15 second update, it was about the brouhaha surrounding the lack of coverage, not about the case. But...that was just one news cast, which was I believe last Thursday or Friday. I haven't watched Fox News this weekend to see if they are actually covering the case.

  2. I have been out of town myself much of the weekend and likely won't see much TV until Tues. night. Please keep us posted as to what you're seeing.


  3. I still haven't seen much about the trial on the news, but I have not watched a lot of news the last couple of days except for the weather. We had a very bad storm through our state yesterday. However, there is a lot of people, at least of lot of the people and places I've "friend"ed or "like"d, commenting on it on facebook. Some interesting articles, too.

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  5. I have not been watching the news much because it is frankly too depressing. My husband is happy to share his new obsession with me on all the important issues. However, I did watch the second half of The O'Reilly Factor tonight. He spent at least 5 minutes on Gosnell tonight, but the story wasn't so much about the trial as about the lack of coverage of the trial. He spoke to one congresswoman about the case. 72 congressmen signed a letter that went out to the three major networks asking about the lack of coverage. Only CBS responded. The executives said that they covered the Gosnell indictment in January. However, the congresswoman and O'Reilly pointed out that they have not covered the trial at all. O'Reilly posited and I happen to agree that the networks are so pro-Choice that they want to cover for (make excuses for) the abortion industry. The networks don't want to make the abortionists look bad. The congresswoman brought out some alarming statistics on other abortion mills they are trying to get out to the public also--deaths, unhealthy and unsafe clinics. A shocking (or maybe not so shocking to many) is that President Obama is making an appearance and speech at the Planned Parenthood conference on Friday. Proud of Bill on this one.

    [This is the post I had posted as anonymous, deleted, and reposted here under my nom de plum]


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