Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer for Boston Marathon Victims

4/15/2013 - Boston Marathon rocked by two explosions.

Two bombs went off, more devices reportedly found. Two dead, dozens injured. Let us pray for comfort in this time of suffering and loss.

Let us not rush to judgment and perhaps cast blame on the wrong parties, and for now pray for comfort and peace for those individuals directly affected. Lord have mercy.

More later, sent this from my Windows Phone.

OK, home now...  some updates.

They are now reporting 3 dead, about 140 injured, some critically - including several with loss of limbs.

Marathon Witness: Explosions 'Like a War Zone': ABCNEWS.COM - Rachel Sibley says chaos resulted from explosions at the annual Boston marathon.

On my drive home I heard an interview with someone who saw a child, untouched by the physical explosion, but just standing there in complete shock.  Not all the victims were physically hurt.

Continued prayers for ALL those affected by this act of terrorism.

Update, 4/16/2013 - No additional explosives found or detonated.

The only devices found were the two which went off, there are no other bombs in the area.  No word on suspect(s) and no organization has taken credit.

Suspicious bag at the location of the second bomb blast...

Update, 4/17/2013

Death toll has not climbed, still at 3.  170 people injured.  Over a dozen still in critical condition.  Several conflicting reports throughout the day of arrests made, but ultimately authorities said no one has been arrested yet.

Update, 4/18/2013

I pulled the pictures I posted earlier as the FBI is saying the two individuals pictured below are the suspects and that "Suspect #2" was seen dropping his backpack at the location of the second explosion just moments before it blew up.
Suspect #2                                     Suspect #1

Update, 4/19/2013

Brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been named as Suspect #1 and #2 respectively.  Last night they attempted to rob a convenience store and in their flight they killed an MIT Police officer.  A bit later Tamerlan was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police - it has also been reported that some sort of explosive vest also went off and contributed to his death.  Dzhokhar (friends pronounced it Jokhar) is still on the loose, but at the time of this writing, is cornered in a home in Watertown, MA which is surrounded by police and FBI.

As of this evening it is reported that Dzhokhar is alive and has been arrested.  

Lord have mercy.  Let the people of the Boston area get some rest tonight.


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