Saturday, September 07, 2013

Catholic Apps

The editor of "Catholic Apps Blog" wrote the following article recently:

My husband and I received a gentle but firm reprimand from a dear fellow parishioner. It came in the form of a note in the mail.

We KNEW this probably was on people’s minds. We are glad this person was bold enough to offer charitable advice. How would you respond? Should you use your Missal app at Mass?

In our view, each generation brings new technological advances to make participation in the sacraments easier (electric lights, contact lenses, hearing aids, air conditioning, loud speakers, microphones et. al.). To us, these little programs which put the text of the Mass in the palm of our hands are part of the evolution.

We wrote a kind response explaining what we are reading on our phones –the iMissal app. We gave a brief description of some of the great Missal apps out there which help us to participate in the Liturgy with greater ease (especially for our aging eyes)! We apologized for the distraction, nevertheless. We have encouraged our pastor to talk openly about the use of Missal apps during Mass. It’s time. Thumbs up or thumbs down. But let everyone know what’s going on.

Your thoughts?

Do we need to be mindful of what other people are thinking at Mass?   Do we just need to educate more people that there ARE "Catholic Apps" and some of them are actually useful in engaging the Mass and the readings for the day?  How do we know if someone is following the readings - or following a football game? Should we care?

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