Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

First Thanksgiving
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When we think of Thanksgiving, we usually think of Puritans or Pilgrims and the Indians having a feast in thanksgiving for a good harvest in 1621.  But I read a post by Dr. Taylor Marshall about some things on should know about Thanksgiving.  Here I outline the 6 facts but you can read his full article here.

l.  The actual first American Thanksgiving was celebrated September 8, 1565 in St. Augustine, Florida.  It was the Feast of the birth of the Virgin Mary and the Spanish had Mass and a feast with their native American friends.
2. The second American Thanksgiving was celebrated April 30, 1598 when the land north of the Rio Grande was claimed by Don Juan de Onate for the king of Spain.

3. The Pilgrims left England because they thought the Church of England was too Catholic.  Being strict Calvinists, who did not celebrate Christmas, did not dance, play music in church or sing hymns.

4. Squanto was a baptized Catholic.

5. The same injustices that caused the Pilgrims to leave England were the same ones that caused the martyrdom of many Catholic saints in England.

6. "Thanksgiving" in Greek is eucharista--Which is the center of the Catholic Mass.

More information on Thanksgiving and its Catholic roots by Dr. Taylor Marshall:
Squanto was Catholic
The Catholic Origins of Thanksgiving

Our view of Thanksgiving became a Puritan American myth long ago, but it is still a time for all of us to remember Our Lord and all He has blessed us with during the year. 

Advent starts Sunday!  We await the joyful coming of the Lord (at Christmas and His Second Coming). 

Where has the year gone?  God Bless.

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