Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Principle

Well, Robert Sungenis is Executive Producer of a new documentary...  watch the video, and then I will continue with my thoughts below it...
First of all, I'm rather impressed with the panel of commentators he's assembled for this documentary.  The narrator is Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway from "Voyager").
One of the commentators is noted scientist, often seen on The Science Channel, Michio Kaku:
I'm sure some of you will recognize others in the trailer as well.

So, what's this documentary all about?  Geocentricism.  Bob has long been a proponent of geocentrism, which "physically" is a non-science.  The universe does not physically revolve around the Earth, however it seems in this new documentary (slated for release in Spring of 2014) the approach does not seem to be quite so much on the literally physical center of the universe - as in everything revolving around our little Earth; rather it appears they are saying that all things in the universe appear to point toward Earth.  The Earth is in a rather unique spot in all the universe, the only spot which can sustain life.

My first thought?  I'm impressed.  Now, I would really like to see the rest of the documentary.  What are these scientists saying, in context?  What is Bob saying, in context?

Feel free to leave your comments here, I'm sure Bob is watching too.  Bob also has a Facebook page for this documentary: and he has a website for it too:


  1. Thanks so much for the article! Just to clarify: "The Principle" is about....well, "The Principle"! That is, the film is about the Copernican Principle, the foundational metaphysical assumption of the modern scientific world.

    It is, so far as I can determine, the first documentary film about this most profound idea in the history of science.

    It is not true that "The Principle" is about geocentrism; Dr. Sungenis has a film about geocentrism in development.

    Geocentrism is, of course, a profoundly important part of the story of "The Principle", and suffice it to say that if there were a stock market for cosmological theories, geocentrism would be off the pink sheets for the first time in a couple of centuries.

    But there are other viewpoints expressed and considered in "The Principle".

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello Rick,
      I encourage the discussion on this subject. As I stated previously, I am not convinced of the geocentric arguments. I was, however, intrigued by the approach which seems to be being taken in "The Principle." I look forward to seeing it. Will it also air on "The Science Channel?" It appears to be in the format of some of their other programming.


    2. Hey Scott,

      I agree with you that taken by itself examining the Copernican principle scientifically and philosophically is unproblematic (although it's a bad theological argument), but I think it's definitely problematic as a stepping stone to further advance geocentrism. You might find this new site helpful:

    3. Hi Dave, I took a look at the site and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into it! I will definitely be looking back at it again.

    4. The intriguing point for me is one Bob made in the trailer, that the "temperature disturbances throughout the universe... were all pointing to the Earth!" I would like to see this explained and documented.

  2. Scott: At present we are in the final stages of assessment for our suitability for something we certainly never expected- a theatrical release financed by a very well-known and credential led independent film financier. I will know within the next couple of weeks whether we have put together a strong enough initial showing in our initial marketing test to overcome what, as I am sure anyone could understand, would be the natural reticence to put the required millions of dollars behind even a small theatrical release for a film that is heavy on the science, heavy on the history, heavy on the philosophy, heavy on the metaphysics, and light on car crashes and love scenes. If we get even a limited theatrical, it will end up being everywhere in terms of aftermarket; DVD, VOD, cable, etc.

  3. Dave:

    All due respect, I highly doubt that Bob or the other theorists presently developing scientific GC models are going to be particularly concerned about what you do or do not find problematic ;-)

    1. Let's play nice now! :-) Again, as for me I am not yet convinced of any pro geocentric arguments, scientifically or theologically. I am willing to give a fair listen/watching to "The Principle" and I will encourage a healthy and civil discourse on the matter.

  4. Hello? Anybody there? Lawrence Krauss and Kate Mulgrew do NOT believe in geocentrism. They think it's bull. Kate was misled as to what she was voicing over, and Lawrence's quotes were as he says "mined".
    I'll take science over Genesis any day. Genesis is fiction.



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