Monday, February 03, 2014

MercyMe - Kyrie Eleison!

Bart Millard from MercyMe has been getting "attacked" for stating the Bruno Mars halftime show at the Super Bowl was "awesome."  Here's his response posted on Facebook:

Seriously I love you guys. I really do, but you've got to find a bigger cross to die on. If me saying Bruno's performance was awesome can instantly tear down my 20 years of ministry, then I've been doing something terribly wrong! Oh wait I have been doing something terribly wrong! I've lived most of my life as a legalistic, judgmental, religious person. Not anymore folks. I'm a huge fan of music regardless whether Bruno misuses it or not. I'm a huge fan of sex, so is my is God by the way, regardless if the world abuses it. I'm also a fan of the word of God REGARDLESS if some of you people twist it to make a point. In other words, I'm no longer living my life based on what people say or think about me. My plate's already pretty full adoring my wife and kids and relishing in the truth that there's nothing I can do great enough to make Christ love me more than he already does and I can't be bad enough to separate myself from the spirit that dwells inside. So I'm gonna live life like I can't screw it up. I can screw "stuff" up...sure. And maybe some of you think I've screwed this post all up. Ha. But that's ok cuz grace works for even me. And as far as all of us being judged by our maker one day? That does not exist for the believer. There is and will never be any condemnation from Christ. When James talks about ministers or lead singers of christian bands being judged more harshly. He ain't talking about in heaven. He's talking about being judged by the Jesus police who prowl Facebook waiting to pounce. Ha. So what do I mean when I say find a bigger cross to die on? Live life doing stuff that matters like finding rest knowing Christ has done the work for you! I'm telling you, when you truly taste grace, life is a freaking blast! To know a perfect messiah came so we can have imperfect moments, like my Bruno worship apparently, and still be ok may be the greatest news of all! Heck if I'd known all of this was gonna come out of what I posted, I would've posted "BRUNO MARS FOR PRESIDENT!"

I really appreciate you guys. I would not have spent 9 yrs writing this if I didn't.

Welcome To the New

Annnnd here's a sample of some lyrics from our upcoming release


No matter the bumps
No matter the bruises
No mater the scars
Still the truth is
The cross has made you flawless

 Well, first off - I like to reserve the word "awesome" to God, and to God alone.  He alone is worthy of our "awe."  I would compare "awesome" to the Latin word for the worship due to God alone, "latria."  Certainly we can have appreciation for the talent of Mr. Mars, but the way he used that talent was for the Devil's purpose.  Seriously Bart, would you like your daughters to hear what Bruno was singing?  Or, worse, would you like to hear them singing "stick it in, stick it in" over and over again?  Come on, Bart - admit it, while not denying the "talent" of Mars and maybe even the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the "message" was about as anti-moral as it could be, and "Christians" should not be supporting that in any way, shape or form.

Lord have mercy!

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  1. Thousands of people are responding to Bart's comment on the Bruno Mars performance... some attacking him, some supporting him. What are your thoughts?


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