Friday, March 21, 2014

Italy's Singing Nun!

On Italy's version of The Voice, this nun catches everyone by surprise.  Pretty amazing!


  1. You don't need to speak a lick of Italian to know what the judges are saying!

  2. I've heard some criticism of the singing nun... but really, this song could be sung to Jesus. Check the lyrics. Another criticism I've heard is that she "threw the devil horns" near the end of her time on stage. This could be naivety, or maybe what we see as "devil horns" in America is seen as something else in Italy. I would like to know the answer to that second one.

  3. OK, after watching the video again (a few times to catch it because it's quite quick) the alleged "devil horns" are not that at all! Yes, the guy who joins her on stage throws "devil horns" - but what SHE "throws" is actually sign language for "I love you."


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