Saturday, March 01, 2014

Movie Review - Son of God

SPOILER ALERT - (I have to say that, even though most of us who would be reading this forum already knows how the story will end!)

My wife and I went to see Son of God last night.  All in all, it was well done.  There were a few parts where some artistic license was taken (like the Blessed Mother assisting Jesus to pick His Cross back up after one of His falls). Without being overly critical, the wording was relatively true to the text.  I would have liked the part where Jesus prophesied Peter's denial, that He would have said "before the cock crows" and then had an actual cock crow...  as it was, Jesus said "before morning" and the actual denial scene (where it is portrayed that Peter denies Him three times in one conversation, not three separate times) is in bright daylight - morning had already happened...  no real biggie, but a minor directorial faux pax.

Another thing which distracted me throughout the show was the actress who played the Blessed Virgin...  I didn't know they had botox or collagen injections back in that day!  I'm sorry, but that was truly a distraction, for me at least.

Now, all that being said, from what I've heard, if you watched The Bible series which was on television last year - you pretty much saw a lot of this movie already.  Personally, though I like what I saw of The Bible series, but for whatever reason, I did not see more than the first couple episodes - so I did not see those which included Jesus' story.  When they showed Adam, Noah, Moses, etc., those scenes were familiar to me.  While much of it was taken from the earlier series, not all of it was - there are several new scenes in the movie you did not see earlier.

Recommendation:  Go see it!  This type of production deserves our support.  The more successful Christian productions are, the more we'll see!

Watch the interview with Roma Downy and Mark Burnett on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo:

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  1. Well, I expect if you were happy with it I'll be happy with it. Thanks.


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