Saturday, April 12, 2014

Movie Review: Noah 2014

Noah 2014 - 
"It's a complete waste of time and money."   So says my wife who went to see this movie on opening weekend.  One could say it is loosely based upon the Genesis account from the Bible - but that's about as close as one could get to relating it to Scripture.  According to the Mansfield New Herald "viewers will want this movie to end long before it does."

Most animals were "two-by-two" - but there were seven of some species.
Noah doesn't speak with God, he gets his inspiration through dreams.

Missing Pieces:
No mention of the 150 days it took the waters to recede.
No mention of the sacrifice offered to God when the flood was over.
No mention of "God" only "The Creator."
No mention of the wives of Noah's sons - and the only other female is a orphan girl who is reportedly barren.  Humanity doesn't stand much of a chance of continuing with these odds.

Added Pieces:
"Rock creatures" are Noah's "helpers" to build the ark.  My wife called them "Transformers."
Noah ponders killing his wife and family so that only the animals survive, as to not anger "The Creator" again.
A stowaway, "Tubal-Cain," is found on the ark after it is afloat.  Noah and Tubal-Cain have to fight it out. 

Now again I grant you, I have not yet seen the movie - and based upon my wife's review, I won't be seeing it in the theater.  I'll wait for it to come out on NetFlix or some other option.  When I do see it, I may have more to say/add to this review.

If any of you reading along have seen the movie and wish to add comments, please do.

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Steven Greydanus (NCR)

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