Friday, May 09, 2014

UN Committee Accuses RCC of Torture

The Committee Against Torture (CAT) has accused the Catholic Church's stand on abortion as "torture!"  In a statement I heard on the radio this morning (Phoenix, KFYI) the CAT says that the Church's position on abortion amounts to torture in countries where abortion is completely illegal because it forces young girls and women to go through with an unwanted pregnancy, even those due to rape or incest.  The Washington Examiner reports the CAT as saying the Church position "amounts to torture" and that it also leads women to seek out "unsafe abortions" reports Ashley E. McGuire of the group Catholic Voices USA (ibid), McGuire continues: "The church doesn’t believe there is anything as a safe abortion."

What is really taking place here is a coordinated effort by the CAT, and others who share the pro-abortion and anti-Catholic bigotry, to get the Vatican removed from the United Nations.  The irony of their position is they are allegedly against torture and yet abortion is one of the cruelest forms of torture which can be forced upon an innocent life, and they don't even consider the psychological affects abortion has on the would-have-been mothers when they come to realize they murdered their own child (or children, in cases of multiple abortions).  Being Pro-Life is what a committee like the CAT should be all about supporting!  No, what is really going on here is anti-Catholic bigotry - but will anyone (besides Catholics) stand up to the bullying bigots?

Addendum, May 12, 2014:
I was accused of "hyperbole" because I posted this article, so let me demonstrate that it was not merely me seeking some sort of sensationalism...

( - The Center for Reproductive Rights, a non-governmental organization that advocates for legalized abortion, is urging the United Nations Committee Against Torture to tell the Catholic Church that “the freedom of speech and of religion” do not give the church the right to advocate against abortion.
When the committee met in Geneva on Monday for a hearing on the Vatican’s compliance with the Convention Against Torture, Vice Chairperson Felice Gaer, an American, said in her opening statement that laws that ban all abortion—which is the position of the Catholic Church--may violate the convention. - Vatican officials are blasting the Untied Nations after a UN panel made wild-eyed claims that the Catholic Church’s pro-life teachings “promote torture.” The UN panel is expected to release its report on the Catholic Church at the end of the month.

NCR: GENEVA — The Holy See’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva is hoping for a “sense of moderation and respect” in the final conclusions of a U.N. committee after it questioned the Holy See May 5-6 on clerical sex abuse in the context of torture.

Wall Street Journal:  The United Nations committee that monitors compliance with the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment is being urged by several influential nongovernmental organizations to condemn the Vatican when the committee meets this week in Geneva. These groups, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, claim that the Catholic Church's handling of child-sexual-abuse accusations against priests and the church's stand on birth control and abortion amount to violations of the Convention Against Torture.
If the U.N. committee were to grant the groups' request and conclude that the Vatican has violated the Convention Against Torture, this would represent a legally insupportable and perverse interpretation of the treaty, actually weakening its effectiveness. It would also represent a blatant attack on religious freedom.

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