Saturday, June 14, 2014

Islamic Prayers at Vatican

Is it true?  Well, yes it is!  Is it a big deal?  Well, it could be if it leads to peace in the region, as it stands right now it was a gathering of heads of state in a garden within the city-state of the Vatican.  It was not held in a church - in fact the purpose in being in the garden was to avoid the constructs of religion other than the fact that two of the four represent the majority of Christians in the world.  No one expected peace to break out on Monday, but it was a start.
A more interesting thing to me was the fact that Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew were together, and we're seeing more and more of that.  There is also rumors of "Nicea III" being proposed for 2025 - which may bring about reunification of the Orthodox/Catholic rift.  

Some people out there though are seeing this as an anti-pope destroying what is left of the Catholic Church.  I was actually drawn to this story after following a rabbit trail regarding Fr. Terra to Br. Dimond's anti-Catholic site.    Now, in this particular posting at MHFM there is not any commentary (yet) from Br. Dimond, it is just a listing of "facts" - but a key fact is left out - this was not a meeting within a church building, it was a garden setting which happens to be within the city-state of the Vatican.

Not just an olive branch, but an olive tree is planted to commemorate this meeting:
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