Monday, August 11, 2014

Sadness Over the Death of Robin Williams

On my way home from work today I heard the news of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams.  I briefly looked on Facebook and saw many of the sad posts mourning the loss of Robin Williams.  Certainly as an actor, he will be missed.  He was a man of many talents and was able to bring his audiences to tears of joy, and sometimes tears of sadness too.  What saddens me more though is, if the reports are true, that he succumbed to suicide - which is a total lack of faith, even a rejection of faith.  Only God can judge what the state of Mr. Williams soul was at the point of death - so I will not presume to judge his eternal state, but it saddens me to hear about someone who felt his or her problems were bigger than God could handle.

My prayers go out to William's family, and I do pray for his soul - may God have mercy on him.

Photograph: Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times/


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  3. It's fine that you are are sad about Mr. Williams taking his own life, but you are taking a lame position about not knowing the state of his soul. It is abundantly clear from his life that he never once opened his mouth about belief in a power greater than himself, and so it is quite simply SAFE to say he was totally lost, as was Joan Rivers. It is therefore utterly pointless to pray for his soul. He had his chance and it is obvious the Father did not draw him to Christ (Jn 6:44).

    1. "Unknown", The Church and most other Christians teach about God's mercy as well as HIS judgement. Only God has the right to judge a man's soul. You don't. Scripture also says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." You may be unpleasantly surprised at who is in Heaven, when and IF you get there. In His infinite mercy, God can forgive anything and anyone He wishes. Yes, we can judge Mr. Williams actions in public. However, you have no idea what he was doing in private, whether or not He believed in God, or whether or not he asked God's forgiveness at the point of death. As for Joan Rivers, I'd say ditto. You have no idea what her relationship with God was or the state of her soul when she died. That is God's, and only God's, purview. Only God can and will judge them.


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