Monday, September 15, 2014

SSPX and the Modern Church

As those who know me well already know - for many years I took my family to the Traditional Latin Mass under the auspices of the SSPX (Society of St. Pius the Tenth).  It was only after much contemplation and even writing to Rome that I allowed myself and my family to go there (some of my letters still circulate the Internet, without my permission).

I have never been one who out-right rejects the Novus Ordo Missae (New Order of the Mass) as invalid, though I was heavily influenced at one time by those who do hold that view, still I never rejected the Mass of Pope Paul VI.  I did have, and still have, some problems with the form of the New Order, but it was and remains a "valid" Mass, and when I cannot celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, I go to the local Novus Ordo parish.

One of the biggest problems I have with SSPX today is that they did not come into full communion a couple years ago when they had the chance.  This is still troublesome to me, in fact - I've rarely been back to the SSPX chapel in our area in the last couple years.  They still have a valid Mass and it still satisfies our Sunday obligation - really, nothing has changed there, but I was very hopeful for the talks where were underway with Pope Benedict XVI, and was a bit disappointed, if not crushed, by the way they turned out.

And this brings me to this...  recently SSPX was permitted to celebrate Mass in St. Peters!  

So, even though there has been a lack of talks (that WE might know about) it appears progress is still being made!  Let us continue to hope and pray for complete restoration of communion between SSPX and the Roman See.


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