Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Principle - October 10 - Chicago

Well, back in June it was announced that The Principle would be released on September 19th - two days ago (as of this posting).  I had not heard of any big release, so I checked their website/blog.  It is being released on October 10th in Chicago.  If it does well in that market, it will go to others - and if not, then the DVD FOD release will follow, perhaps by Q1 of 2015.  Chicago is not a tiny market, but I'm sure Sungenis and DeLano were hoping for something much bigger.  Allegedly they are being attacked and even blocked by some in the science community - the claim is "they" don't want this released at all.  

It does make one wonder, if indeed there is an effort to "block" the release... why?  One would THINK that "science" would invite the release and then let it stand or fall on its own merits.  So... we wait and see, just a bit longer now.

I would love to be in Chicago and write my own review of the release, but I do not see how that will be possible.  Maybe they can send me a pre-release copy?  I would be happy to provide a Catholic commentary on the movie.

The Principle... will open theatrically in Chicago October 10. We will go as far as the audience takes us, theatrically speaking, and we have a few surprises up our sleeve in terms of the media coverage lavished upon us earlier this year ;-)
In any event, the film will be available via DVD and VOD after out theatrical run, probably Q1 or Q2 2015.
I am looking forward to this... mostly out of curiosity, but I would like to see and examine the theological and scientific claims myself.

An Anglican archbishop has endorsed the movie (see blog article) as well as an Episcopalian archbishop (see article here).  These are Catholics producing this movie, I'd like to see some Catholic endorsements!  

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