Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Non-Biblical Account of Miracle by Jesus!

Well, that's what an article going viral on Facebook and Twitter is touting...
however, it is false!  
Don't be taken in!  (I almost was, but I did a bit of research before commenting, and it wasn't hard to debunk this).  Snopes reports that the source of this piece is a satire publication which even disclaims that none of its stories are expected to be taken as fact.  Well, based on the thousands of hits the article is getting, many are taking it seriously - and the publisher is, I'm sure, laughing all the way to the bank!

I do not wish to further the hits at this bogus site, so I am not linking it here - but if you're on Facebook or Twitter, if you haven't seen the story already - you will.  Ignore it or expose it for the satire (and fraud) it really is.
Marcus Velleius Paterculus, falsely attributed to the fraudulent miracle story.

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