Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Principle Movie Opens October 24

Should we be talking about this?  To me it sounds very intriguing.  Robert Sungenis appears to be promoting not so much literal geocentric paradigm, where everything revolves around the Earth, but rather that the Earth holds a special place in the Universe.  While the Universe does not revolve around the Earth, he states that the Universe is pointing TO the Earth - and a recent satellite mission has presented evidence to suggest precisely that.  For this reason I really want to see the movie.  Tomorrow we may see more reviews as it is released to the public for the first time in Chicago.  If it does well there it will go to other markets.


Here is a CBN report which came out just before the release...

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  1. Rick Delano posted yesterday:

    What an amazing first day for "The Principle".

    Final numbers won't be available until tomorrow, because it's time for a well deserved dinner and celebration, but suffice it to say, if Saturday and Sunday continue along the same trend, we will have an absolutely stellar opening weekend!

    Three shows sold out today, and the fourth was within 4 seats of selling out when I left.

    One show was added to the schedule to accommodate the overflow.

    People showed up BIG TIME in Chicago for "The Principle" tonight.

    And every single one of them knows who has been telling the truth about this film now - Rick DeLano


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