Sunday, November 09, 2014

Why Was Luther Wrong - Part 6 - Councils

This is Part 6 of a series of 8 presenting "Why Was Luther Wrong" using Exsurge Domini from Pope Leo X.  This section deals with Luther's errors on Church councils.
29. A way has been made for us for weakening the authority of councils, and for freely contradicting their actions, and judging their decrees, and boldly confessing whatever seems true, whether it has been approved or disapproved by any council whatsoever.
This statement is completely contrary to Matthew 18:18.  Jesus gave to the group of the Apostles, our first bishops, the authority to bind or loose whatsoever they chose and there is no "weakening" of this authority.  To claim there is such a "weakening" denies the authority of Jesus Christ!
30. Some articles of John Hus, condemned in the Council of Constance, are most Christian, wholly true and evangelical; these the universal Church could not condemn.
None of the Errors of John Hus, condemned in the Council of Constance, are as Luther labels them.  There are thirty errors listed by the council, which I have linked here.  As this series is not about John Hus, rather Martin Luther, I will not enumerate those errors at this time.  It is good to see, however, that Luther would use the term "universal Church" in reference to the Catholic Church; while "catholic" does mean "universal" it is just interesting to note that Luther still recognizes this truth.

The next section deals with Luther's errors on sin.

See the Indices Page for the complete listing of these articles.

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