Saturday, December 20, 2014

Going Through Drafts

I was just looking at the "drafts" of posts which were started and never published... there's over 40 of them!  Most are by me and I am going to either publish them soon, or delete them (the ones by me, of course!).  So, you may be seeing some "responses" to older conversations.  Just a note...



  1. Thanks for the heads up. I've been thinking about mine, too. I will go through mine as soon as possible and finish up the ones I can and get rid of the ones that don't need to be there. Give me until the end of the year. I'm a little caught up in Christmas and I'm a little ill at the moment. BTW, I am praying for your son and the rest of your family. Pray for my second son, too, he lost his way a little bit in college. We're trying to get him back on track.

    1. Got mine down to five now. Will get them done as soon as I can.

    2. Thanks cathmom5! That still leaves 32 more, probably all mine! :-) Praying for your son as well.


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