Monday, January 05, 2015

Monster Drinks Satanic?

Those who see Satanic overtones here are saying the "M" on the can is really "666" in Hebrew.  They show us charts like this one:
However, if you notice - in the "Vahv" (Hebrew "6") the left side swings upward - not straight across.  Subtle changes in any alpha-numeric system can change the whole meaning.  Here's another comparison:
As you can see, a closer look makes the two symbols only slightly similar.  Those who want to see a "6" here are stretching it a bit.

According to a representative at Monster, as reported by Vincent Funaro of the Christian Post, no - nothing satanic intended or implied.

Then there's the "cross" in the name "Monster" -
Now again, with the "cross" highlighted: 
Is it a "cross?"  Well, yes it is, and it's a little troubling to mix a Christian symbol with the word "monster."

OK, so we've got a stretch at 666, a cross how about reference to "the Beast?"  Well, yes, we have that too...
So, is this a reference to "the Beast" from the Book of Revelation?  Or is this "monster" just a "beast?"

In one of their ads, after drinking a can - the person's eyes take on a rather evil, or at least scary, look:

The flurry started from a Youtube video, which has gone viral:

The person in this video, Christine Weick, also brings up that on the can it has three letters, "BFC" and says the "F" is for the "F" word.  She also claims it is written on the side of the can too, so she knows it is the "F" word (I need to see this for myself).  She also brings up that on the box it claims "MILFs dig it, so will you."  Well, again, I need to see this - but assuming she's telling the truth (the Youtube picture is not close enough or clear enough to read it), then we're talking some pretty disgusting things on the box.  The representative from Monster, mentioned earlier, says the "BFC" stands for "Big Fat Can," - well, maybe - but that doesn't get us around the MILF comment.  

I also found another video.  The one going viral of Ms. Weick has nearly 8 million hits, as of the time I'm publishing this article - and that video has been online for about a month.  Another one I found is about 3 years old, with much of the same information, though not all, from Ms. Weick's presentation:

Personally, I shy away from all those "energy drinks" as they are full of sugar and/or caffeine and other ingredients not recommended for those watching their blood pressure and/or weight.  Does this give us even more reason to avoid such drinks and especially "Monster?"  I think too much hype is being made about this, and for a few reasons:
1) Our secular society LIKES things which are evil or scary!  With all the zombie and other horror movies, some of which are blatantly evil and/or demonic - is it any wonder a commercial product would tap into this "monster" mania?
2) People selling product know what they're doing - and there are no "mistakes" in what we've been discussing.
3) The more Christians hype this sort of thing, the more attention is being brought to the products.  The makers of Monster are crying (or laughing) all the way to the bank.  (And I've just added some more "free" advertising for them here too now!) 
The bottom line is, these drinks are NOT good for you!  They should be avoided!  If the counter-Christian message helps you stay away from them, GOOD!

Feel free to add your own comments...

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  1. This just reminds me about the silly flap a couple of decades ago over proctor and gamble's logo of a crescent moon with a face and beard and stars. It was claimed that it was satanic and had a 666 in it. Well, one, and I'd need some history on this, I believe their logo predates this "666" nonsense and I know the logo had nothing to do with any satanic group or followers. Two, the logo was originally created by one of the founding brothers-in-law to be eye catching on their crates and product boxes. But, unlike Monster, which will probably benefit from all this nonsense, Proctor and Gamble gave in to the negative hype surrounding their iconic, over 150 year old logo and dropped it. They simply have P&G as their "logo" now.


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